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District Goals

Marion Central School District Goals

  • Based upon a systematic and ongoing collection of performance data, students at, above and below grade level will receive targeted instruction to continue their academic growth.
  • By providing relevance and consistently communicating higher expectations for student performance, we will raise aspirations of students, parents and staff to achieve more than “the minimum” requirement.
  • Through improved efficiencies and a more systematic approach to maintenance, the district will raise expectations for the condition and appearance of our buildings and grounds.
  • By evaluating the condition of our facilities, as well as future instructional priorities of the larger Marion learning community, we will determine the focus, scope and timing of future capital projects.
  • We will engage all stakeholders in the development of a more comprehensive approach to bullying concerns, as well as in the development of a more culturally responsive, inclusive and respectful learning culture.
  • We will explore new opportunities to engage the disengaged students (not involved in sports, music or other extracurricular activities) into the “Black Knight” community.
  • We will implement strategies to better communicate the changing expectations and instructional options for students as they transition from the elementary to the Jr-Sr High.
  • We will implement strategies to help ensure more efficient teacher-parent/guardian communication, particularly as it relates to students’ academic progress and any work-study concerns.