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The Common Core Implementation act requires notification of the District’s policy on promotion and placement.  This policy #7210 can be found in the Board of Education Policy Handbook.

 Placement, with respect to building, teacher, and grade or special class, shall be at the discretion of the school administration and shall be subject to review and change at any time. In making such decisions, the administrator will be guided by performance in class, past records, parent/guardian and teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, and any other appropriate sources of information, but the final decision shall rest with the school administration.  Parents may receive, upon request, an explanation for the decision. 

 The procedures to be followed by the staff regarding promotion will be developed by the Superintendent and will be continually evaluated in light of School District policy.  Building Principals may establish written standards for promotion or retention within the school units to which the students are assigned, subject to the guidelines of the Superintendent and the approval of the Board of Education.