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Potassium Iodide (KI)

Our school buildings are located within or near the ten-mile emergency planning zone (EPZ) of the Ginna nuclear power plant.  In another step to safeguard public health, the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission amended its policy on the availability and usage of the over-the-counter drug potassium iodide (KI) during a radiological emergency.  As a result, New York State also revised its policy regarding the administration of KI.


KI is an over-the-counter drug that protects the thyroid from exposure to radioactive iodine.  KI only protects this one organ against radioactive substances.  It is not an alternative to evacuation or sheltering.  In fact, evacuation and sheltering remain New York’s primary public protective actions in the event of an accident at any nuclear power site.  


Should the County and/or State Department of Health recommend the use of KI during an emergency while students are at school, the Marion Central School District will have KI available on-site for your child.  Evacuation from the ten-mile EPZ remains our primary protective radiological action.  In the event that evacuation is not immediately possible and/or KI use is recommended by the county and/or state health officials, an appropriate dose of KI will be provided for your child.


If you do NOT want the school to provide your child with KI in a radiological emergency, you MUST sign and return the enclosed form (on the reverse side of this letter) and return it to Dr. Ellen Lloyd, Superintendent.  This form will remain in effect as long as your child attends this school district, unless you notify us in writing that you now wish your child to be provided with KI.  Please note that if you do not return the enclosed form and KI use is recommended by health officials, your child will receive KI.


If you have any concerns regarding the emergency use of KI or questions about your child’s health and the use of KI, please discuss this with your child’s health care provider.


If you have any further questions about the school’s program, please contact Dr. Ellen Lloyd (926-2300), Lauren Penders, Jr.-Sr. High School Nurse (926-2406), Eliza Weis, Elementary school nurse (315-926-2431).