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District Audits

The district's Audit Committee is comprised of Board of Education members, district administration, and community members.  The basic charge of the Audit Committee is to review various financial information and to ensure that public funds are being properly safeguarded. This is one of a series of state-mandated functions that arose after fraud was detected in various governments throughout the state. If you would like to be a part of the audit committee for 2023-24, please contact Rich Walker, at

The audit committee mainly reviews information derived from the audit performed by the MMB Group, the district's appointed External Auditor.

  • The External Auditor's function is to examine the district's financial documents and to prepare data for the district to use in its reporting processes for the State. MMB prepares financial statements and other documents showing the financial status of the district. 
  • If you have any questions about the statements or the information contained in them, please contact the School Business Administrator, Richard Walker, at 315-926-2300 or by email at

In accordance with Section 33 of the General Municipal Law, the most recent Comptroller's audit report (below) must be placed on our website for a period of five years.