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Wayne Behavioral Health

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     Melissa and Ian are the primary therapists through Wayne Behavioral Health for all mental health referrals who attend Marion Central School district. Melissa provides this support at Marion Elementary School and Ian provides this support to Marion Jr./Sr. High School. This is an in-school clinic that offers students a full array of services to work toward mental wellness. We can each provide behavioral health assessments, safety planning, referrals to other providers, and ongoing clinical counseling services at school. These services differ from counseling services a student may receive during their current school placement as they are more clinical and can be long-term, depending on the support needed to work toward mental wellness. Additional services available at the Wayne Behavioral Health clinic in Lyons include case management, group counseling, and alcohol and substance-use assessments and counseling. Psychiatric evaluations and medication management are also available with one of our psychiatrists who specializes in working with children and adolescents. Both in-person and telephonic services continue to be offered. With consent from a youth’s legal guardian, we can also partner with school staff as needed for mental wellness support.
    If you feel that your child is in need of mental health support, you can contact your child’s school counselor or a
school administrator to discuss a referral, or you can contact each of us directly. Ian Crosby at 315-926-4228
extension 5028, at Marion Jr./Sr. High School; and Melissa Lochner at 315-926-2439 Marion Elementary School.