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District Welcomes New Staff Members

The Marion Central School District held its New Staff Orientation on Monday, Aug. 28.

We are pleased to welcome the following new employees:

  • Allison Brewer (Classroom Aide)
  • Kecia Bush (Bus Driver)
  • Richard Chute (Physical Education Teacher)
  • Cassiana Coon (Elementary Teacher)
  • Nicole DeLyser (Teacher Assistant)
  • Megan DeRose (Senior Typist)
  • Paula Docteur (Teacher Aide – Health)
  • Brenda Doell (1:1 Student Specific Aide)
  • Cynthia Fuentes (Substitute Bus Monitor)
  • Sarah Griffin (Teacher Aide)
  • Andrea Habecker (Occupational Therapist)
  • Erica Hill (Food Service Helper)
  • Emma Lancaster (Classroom Aide)
  • Kristen Lange (Teacher Assistant)
  • James Long (Director of Facilities)
  • Lynn Lucca (Teacher Assistant)
  • Alison Maloney (Early Childhood Special Education Teacher)
  • Amy Mulhern (K-12 Special Education Teacher)
  • Justin Niziol (Per Diem Chemistry Teacher)
  • Chelsea Nuss (Social Studies/Special Education)
  • Ryan Pasquarette (Living Environment Science)
  • Anthony Porpora (Special Education Teacher)
  • Meg Ryan (Classroom Aide)
  • Heather Schoonerman (K-2 Elementary Teacher)
  • Hannah Tones (Food Service Helper)
  • Alex Wemesfelder (Evening Cleaner)
  • Sarah Weyman (Elementary Teacher)
  • Teresa Wurster (Teacher/Classroom Aide)