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Marion Graduate Receives Scholarship

Brandon Short received quite a surprise when he was asked to stay after school on the afternoon of June 12.

Brandon, who was a senior at Marion Junior-Senior High School at the time, was escorted to the library where he was met by his family, a few teachers and school officials and two people he had never met before.

Those people, Christine Kubida and Glenn Spry, announced that Brandon was the recipient of the 2023 YES! Young Entrepreneur Scholarship offered by New York State National Sitepower.

Brandon, who has a passion for farming and will attend SUNY-Cobleskill to study agricultural business, received a $2,000 scholarship for his business, Knucklehead Farms, LLC.

“I am overwhelmed, surprised and thankful – all at the same time,” Brandon said.

Brandon completed an application and shared a creative business plan that included expanding his farm to include fresh fruit orchards and cattle as well as a creamery, farm-to-table produce, you-pick fruit and family activities such as games and rides.

Kubida, the chief experience officer for the company, said that Brandon’s application stood out.

“We believe in creating opportunities that will allow youth to take the risk to reach for what fills them with passion,” Kubida said. “Perseverance is the key to success with any dream and in any business. Not only did Brandon persevere, but he did it with intention and urgency. He continuously met each next step and requirement to carry him to that finish line.

“He rose to the challenge of our multi-step application process and brought tremendous heart in every step. His business concept and plan were well-thought, backed with creativity and innovation, and guided by what he could give to those around him, not what he would receive.”