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School Nurses Set To Retire

Friday will mark the end of two eras in the Marion Central School District as it will be the last day of work for school nurses Linda DePoint and Trena Fisher, who are retiring.

Mrs. DePoint, the nurse at Marion Elementary School, and Ms. Fisher, the nurse at the Junior-Senior High School, have nearly 45 years of experience as school nurses, including more than 30 years in Marion.

We are grateful for their years of service and compassion and wish them both the best in retirement.

Mrs. DePoint and Ms. Fisher took a few minutes to reflect on their time at Marion as their final day in the district approaches.

Mrs. Linda DePoint

Linda DePoint

Years at Marion:  Sept 2002- present.

Years as a school nurse:  18 plus, (44 years total working as a RN).

Education:  Associates degree from Monroe Community College and Diploma of Nursing from Highland Hospital School of Nursing.

Hometown:  Born and raised in Marion, attended Marion Elementary School for grades K-6 and was in the first seventh grade class at the new Junior-Senior High School on Warner Road and graduated from there in 1974.

I became a school nurse because:  I can selfishly say that stable work hours after many years of working evening and night shifts, holidays and weekends was an inviting benefit.  But, I had done some substituting for school nurses prior to starting at MES and enjoyed caring for the students and assessing the physical, social and emotional needs as well as the educational needs of the students and their families. I was hoping that I could make a difference in a child's life, whether it was changing how a scared child with a hurt knee needed me to convince them that I was not there to hurt them - but to help them - when I cleaned their wound and placed the Band-Aid on their knee. Or maybe I took the time to listen to their troubles (no matter how insignificant they may have seemed, it was important to them) or administer life-saving medication to a student having an allergic reaction. No two days were ever the same!

My favorite part of being a school nurse was: Probably watching the new students in UPK and Kindergarten come through the doors in September, watching them grow and celebrating their time at MES when they go to Camp Stella Maris in June before they move on to the Junior-Senior High.  And of course working with and caring for the students, their families and the great teachers and staff at Marion. I will miss you all!

Ms. Trena Fisher

Trena Fisher


Years at Marion: Nearly 13.

Years as school nurse:  26  I started at North Rose-Wolcott in 1995 as a high school nurse. I had a child very late in life and took a few years off to be home with her. I started in Marion in 2008.

Education:  I have a Bachelor of Social Work from Arizona State and Associate of Applied Science degree from Cayuga Community College.

Hometown:  Savannah  (Both sets of grandparents and my father were potato farmers!).

I became a school nurse because:  At the time, my husband was an undercover drug cop and someone needed normal hours - so it was me!  I had worked with teens through different agencies and in an out-patient setting for many years.  The social work background was an asset while working with teens and their families. 

My favorite part of being a school nurse was:  I have loved the families, the staff, the community and especially the students of Marion. It has been my honor and I have loved each day of my job. I want to thank you for trusting me with the health and safety of your precious teenagers.  Let's never forget to take the time to see life through the eyes of a child!