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'Pop-Up Spirit Day' Celebrated

Marion Junior-Senior High School capped the first week of the new year with a “Pop-Up Spirit Day.”

Students and staff were encouraged to wear orange and black and Principal Shane Dehn presented each member of the senior class with a protective mask featuring the phrase “MJSHS We Got This.” 

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Staff members also received the same masks and many wore them on Friday.

“We Got This” has become a mantra at MJSHS as the school community has navigated many challenges over the last several months. 

“One of the ways that we try to find the positive every day is by using ‘self-talk’,” Dehn said. “Whether we want to admit it or not, we all talk to ourselves on some level. We’ve used the term ‘We Got This’ a lot this year at MJSHS to remind ourselves that we can get through it.”