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Seniors Collect 1,100 Items In Food Drive, "Pie" Their Principal

Watch out for the flying pie!


Vanessa Hysell usually requires the seniors in her Participation In Government class to do 10 hours of community service work in order to "capture the spirit of volunteering."

The COVID-19 pandemic forced her to change her curriculum. 

"I just didn't feel comfortable sending them out in this time of COVID," said Hysell, who is in her 15th year at Marion.

CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of Principal Dehn getting "pied" 

Instead of volunteering, she asked them to collect items for the Marion Food Pantry. The original goal was to collect 500 items in time for Thanksgiving.

Shortly after the drive begin, it was interrupted.

When students returned to in-person learning from Thanksgiving break, the drive needed a boost. That's when Shane Dehn, the interim high school principal, stepped in and said he would allow the seniors to throw a pie in his face if the food drive met its goal.

Needing more than 100 items on the final day, the seniors stepped up and brought in close to 800, eclipsing the 1,100 mark for items donated to the pantry.

On Dec. 11, Dehn made good on his promise and five seniors - Nick Valvano, Whitney Welsh, Liz Ritzmann, Hunter Walters and Aidan Czermiak - were given the opportunity to "pie" their principal.

Hysell and Dehn both expressed pride in the Class of 2021 for pulling together to help the community during a difficult time.

"That's kind of what led me to go down this path," Hysell said, mentioning some of the challenges many have faced throughout 2020. "This turned out to be a great community service opportunity that benefits the people here."