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Believe to Achieve Awards

Last night, Monday, November 26th, 26 students (two each from Grades K-12) were awarded a Believe To Achieve Award medal.   Student's were nominated by one of their teachers.  The Believe to Achieve Award is given in recognition of a student who displays a growth mindset by expanding one's intelligence and skills through effort, practice and challenge and takes ownership of one's learning.

Award Recipients:
Kindergarten - Cassandra Conklin and Brayden Dube
First Grade - Maddison Breen and Jackson Mayville
Second Grade - Ainsley Fenn and Dean O'Neill
Third Grade - Jacob Marshall and Ashley Osborn
Fourth Grade - Noah Hendricks and Keira Robinson
Fifth Grade - Gabrielle Shute and Connor Oakley
Sixth Grade - Thomas Burlee and Maria James
Seventh Grade - McKaylah VanDerMeere and Alexis Velte
Eighth Grade - Michael Phillips and Lillian Reitz
Nineth Grade - Alexis Breen and Sage Butler
Tenth Grade - Emmalee Dye and Marci Steurrys
Eleventh Grade - Dedra Arrowood and Emma Osborn
Twelfth Grade - Dylan Button and Ciera Randolph