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COVID-19 School Closure Information for Families of Students w/Disabilities

COVID-19 School Closure Information for Families of Students w/Disabilities

The MCSD Special Education office is working collaboratively to determine the best response to COVID-19, and provide meaningful information to our families and staff.  Please see below for relevant special education and student service information.


School Closure

At this time the Marion Central School District schools are closed for face to face instruction through April 13, 2020.  Staff will be working remotely from Tuesday, March 17- Friday, April 3. Teachers and staff will be on spring break from April 6-13, 2020.


IEP Meetings and Annual Reviews

During remote operation, with parental consent, IEP meetings will be scheduled virtually (video/audio/telephone conferencing) through the use of Zoom Meetings to remain in compliance with IDEA timelines. The CSE/CPSE Office will be in contact with each parent as their meeting date gets closer with further details.  In the meantime, if you have any questions you are asked to contact the special education office or your child's special education teacher with questions and concerns. We will try to get back to you as soon as we are able. 


Special Education Services

As we continue to provide educational opportunities to our students during this closure, our district will do our best to ensure students with disabilities have the necessary support they need to access their instruction.   

During this closure, the Marion Central School District will follow the Department of Education Guidance issued March 2020.  Teachers and related service providers will be in contact regarding the provision of supports during remote operation.  You should anticipate them remaining in touch with students and families to assist, check-in, offer support and guidance as needed throughout the closure.  Students' parents/guardians that attend school in an out of district location should also be contacted by their educational program with similar information.

Upon reopening, the district will review how the closure impacted your child’s individual growth and learning and make adjustments as necessary.  On an individual basis, a determination will be made whether and to what extent compensatory services might be warranted as well as develop a plan for missed related service sessions.


Evaluations and Referrals

As per the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights,  if an evaluation of a student with a disability requires a face-to-face assessment or observation, the evaluation will need to be delayed until school reopens. Evaluations and reevaluations that do not require face-to-face assessments or observations may continue to take place while schools are closed, so long as a student’s parent or legal guardian consents. These same principles apply to similar activities conducted by appropriate personnel for a student with a disability who has a plan developed under Section 504, or who is being evaluated under Section 504. 


Nikki Miller - Director of Educational Services