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Health Crisis: Vaping in School

Recently we've been hearing more about the use of e-cigarettes/ vapes/ JUULs among teens. We encourage you to have meaningful conversations with your student, and learn as much as possible regarding the potential risks of using e-cigarettes, as well as the changing ways that young people are using them. The following links provide you with information about the risks and evolving techniques of vaping/ e-cigarette use among our teens. Please consider having a conversation with your student about this topic in the near future.

We're confident that parents and the school working as a team will help to eliminate this risky behavior among our most valuable resource, our students.

Included below are resources and information related to teen vaping:

Science News for Students Article on Vaping 

YouTube Video on "Vape Tricks":  This video underscores the cultural phenomoenon that glorifies vaping that our young people are exposed to on the internet.

Science News for Students Article on how Vape Tricks can Increase Health Risks

You Tube Video on "Juuling":  Juuling is a small vape that resembles a USB or flash drive that can be loaded with ultra high concentrated nicotene or even marijuana. 

NPR Article Addressing How Students Conceal "Juuling"