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Midterm/Regents Week Information

January 2018 Midterm/Regents Exam Week Information

(January 22nd though January 26th) 

Attendance Information: Please note that this information differs from the district calendar.

  • Monday January 22nd: Exam day with attendance for all students expected.
  • Tuesday January 23rd: Exam day with attendance for all students expected.
  • Wednesday January 24th: Exam day. Only those who have exams attend.
  • Thursday January 25th: Exam day. Only those who have exams attend. 
  • Friday January 26th: Superintendent's Conference Day. No students attend. 

Midterm/Regents Exam Week Schedule January 2018: Please consult this document for general information regarding the timing of your child's midterm and January Regents exams.  Note: Many midterm exams for elective courses will be given in class throughout the first few weeks of January. 

Student Exam Schedule: This schedule has specific information related to exam dates, times and locations for general education students.  Any student recieving test accomodations through the committee on special education or section 504 will be directed to their exam locations the morning of their exams. 

NYS Regents Exam Schedule: This document is the schedule that is sent out from the New York State Department of Education regarding January Regents exams.  

Food Service Information:  Normal food service (breakfast and lunch) will be provided on Monday and Tuesday (1/22 and 1/23) of exam week. On Wednesday (1/24), a cold breakfast will be available for students in the morning, and a bagged lunch will be provided upon request.  Students who will need a bagged lunch on Wednesday should sign up in the main office no later than Tuesday 1/23 at 2:30PM. There is no food service on Thursday 1/25.  

Transportation Information for Midterm/Regents Exam Week January 2018:  All normal bus runs will run on Monday 1/22 and Tuesday 1/23.  On Wednesday 1/24 there will be normal monring runs into school, an 11:00AM bus run home, and a 2:30PM and a 3:10PM shuttle to the elementary for afternoon runs home.  Any transportation needs for Thursday 1/25 must be reported to the main office and we will make accomodations.

Coming Soon:

  • Detailed Exam Schedule for Students