Registration Information

  • Marion Central School District operates with a central registration system.  If you wish to register a new student, please call the district office at 315-926-2300 ext. 1205 for an appointment. 

    Required Documents

    Evidence of Age

    IEP's / 504 Plan

    Child's Immunization Record Signed by Health Care Professional

    Proof of Residence

    Any Legal Documentation Regarding Custody

    DSS 2999 for Foster Children

    With the exception of agreements between Marion Central School District and another school district, the Board prohibits the attendance of non-resident students.

    The residence of children dwelling within the District boundaries shall be established in a manner consistent with State Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner.  The Superintendent shall determine whether a child is entitled to attend a District school. Any adverse residency decision by the Superintendent, shall include written notice to the parent/person in parental relation regarding reasons supporting the decision. 


    A child's residence is usually determined by the residence of the custodial parent.  However, a noncustodial parent who resides in the District may enroll his/her child in a District school if he/she shares the day-to-day responsibilities for the child and the custodial parent designates the child's residence with the noncustodial parent.


    (BOE Policies 7130 & 7132)


    Linked is Registration Packet