• Superintendent of Schools Mr. Donald Bavis

    Address:                    4034 Warner RoadMr. Donald Bavis

                                        Marion, New York 14505


    Education:                 CAS SUNY Brockport

    Experience:                6th Year in District

                                        2015 Appointed Superintendent

                                        9 Years as Principal Penfield Central School District Cobbles Elementary

    Secretaries:                Mrs. Nadine Mitchell/Mrs. Ashley Tack

    Telephone:                 315-926-2300



    Director of Educational Services Mrs. Nikki Miller


    Address:                     4034 Warner RoadMrs. Nikki Miller

                                        Marion, New York 14505


    Education:                  CAS University of Rochester

    Experience:                11th Year in District

                                         2010 Appointed Director of Educational Services

                                         Previously Health Teacher at Wayne CSD

    Secretary:                   Mrs. Kim VanHall (CSE/CPSE)  

    Clerical Support:        Mrs. Nadine Mitchell/Mrs. Ashley Tack

    Telephone:                  315-926-2300



    Director of Finance and Operations Mr. Richard Walker


    Address:                   4034 Warner Road

                                       Marion, New York 14505


    Education:                CAS SUNY Brockport

    Experience:               2nd Year in District 
                                       2019 Appointed Director of Finance and Operations

      Prevously business official with W-FL BOCES shared w/North-Rose Wolcott and Midlakes

    Admin. Assistant:     Mrs. Lisa Levan

    Clerical Support:       Mrs. Nadine Mitchell/Mrs. Ashley Tack

    Telephone:                 315-926-2300




    Director of Technology & Innovative Programs Mr. David Wise


    Address:                   4034 Warner RoadMr. David Wise

                                       Marion, New York 14505


    Education:                CAS SUNY Oswego

    Experience:               20th Year in District

                                        2018 Appointed Director of Technology and Innovative Programs
                                        Previously Science Teacher ~ Living Environment

    Clerical Support:       Mrs. Nadine Mitchell/Mrs. Ashley Tack

    Telephone:                 315-926-2300




    Jr.-Sr. High School Principal Mr. Shane Dehn

    Address:                   4034 Warner RoadMr. Shane Dehn

                                       Marion, New York 14505


    Education:                 CAS SUNY Oswego

    Experience:               4th Year in District

                                        2021 Appointed Jr.-Sr. High School Principal

    Secretary:                  Mrs. Deb Rood

    Telephone:                 315-926-4228



    Elementary School Principal Dr. Ellen Lloyd


    Address:               3863 N. Main StreetDr. Ellen Lloyd

                                 Marion, New York 14505


    Education:            CAS University of Rochester    
    Experience:          4th Year in District
                                 2017 Appointed Elementary School Principal
    Secretary:             Mrs. Carol McManus
    Telephone:            315-926-4256



    K-12 Assistant Principal Mrs. Casey Steiner

    Address:                   4034 Warner Road

                                       Marion, New York 14505




                                       2021 Appointed K-12 Assistant Principal

    Telephone:                315-926-4228 | Jr.-Sr. High School 

                                       315-926-4256 | Elementary School