Business Office

  • The business office is composed of a team of individuals who work collectively to meet the needs of the community and district staff to optimize student performance. Duties include providing payroll and benefit information to current staff and retirees, supporting staff to meet the needs of the instructional program, and assessing needs to provide safe and comfortable schools to facilitate student learning. The Director of Finance is present for each Board of Education meeting.

    For more information, please contact:


    Walker, Richard

    Position: Director of Finance and Operations


    315-926-2300 Ext: 1202


    Levan, Lisa 
    Position: Admin. Asst. to the Director of Finance and Operations 


    315-926-2407 Ext: 1206


    Socola, Mark

    Position: District Treasurer

    Central Business Office


    315-332-7243 (CBO Office)


    Tyler, Sarah

    Position: Payroll Specialist

    Central Business Office


    315-332-7467 (CBO Office)


    Pollino, Karen

    Position: Accounts Payable Clerk

    Central Business Office


    315-332-7468 (CBO Office)


    Wemesfelder, Kim
    Internal Claims Auditor & Tax Collector

    315-926-2411 Ext: 1207