Marion Loves Pets Photo Contest

  • The data collected by a recent student survey revealed the importance pets play in a person's life during the coronavirus pandemic.

     Many teens are home alone for a portion of the day and having the companionship of a pet is comforting for them. Students and staff at Marion Junior-Senior High School shared their pets in the #MarionLovesPets Photo contest.

    We would like to thank the following people for helping make this contest possible: Ms. Donovan for the art supplies for the gallery, Ms. Hernandez for her artistic role in creating the gallery sign, the staff and students for participating in the contest, and Mrs. Holahan, Mrs. Livingston, Mrs. Crouch and Mr. Stalder for judging the contest.

    The judges were tasked with very difficult decisions to pick the Cutest, Most Unique,  Biggest and Smallest pets. The judges unanimously determined that it was impossible to pick just one pet for each category and, in fairness, more than one winner was determined. Even though allof  the photos are winners in our eyes, we have 12 award winning pets. Our winners were awarded with a certificate, pet treats and a chocolate treat for the students. A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Short for organizing this positive event for our staff and students!

    This gallery includes photos of the 12 award winners.