Classroom Attendance Policy


    Classroom Attendance


    1.      The Marion Central School District believes that student participation in classroom instruction is an integral part of the learning process.   Therefore, students not only must fulfill the necessary requirements of each course, but also must comply with the following attendance requirements.


    a.      A student must attend a minimum of 90% of the total number of days that a course is in session in order to be eligible to take exams and/or submit course work required to earn credit for that course.

    b.      Generally, a student’s work will not be graded once they have been absent/tardy to class 5 or more times in a quarter.  To reinstate grading, students can make up class seat time during 9th period only and only for the current quarter.

    c.       A student will be considered absent if he/she is absent 20 minutes or more from class.

    d.      No distinction will be made in this policy and/or district practice between excused and unexcused absences for the purpose of the attendance requirement.

    e.      Once a student exceeds the attendance standards stated above, he/she will continue to take exams and submit course work.  However, those items will not be graded until the number of absences has been reduced below the limit.  This will occur for all students, regardless of their performance on prior tests, exams or other graded work.  The student shall continue to attend the class and continue to work toward an overall passing grade.

    f.        Students who are absent for legitimate reasons may request to make up missed work due to absence in order to eliminate the absence and its effect from his/her record.

    g.      A legitimate absence includes absences due to personal illness, disability, illness or death in the family, religious observances, field trips, or college visits.  Each teacher must outline how absences may be made up.

    h.     Illegal absences MAY NOT be made up.

    i.        Students who are being Home Tutored are exempt from the Classroom Attendance Policy.