Counseling Office

  • Welcome to the Marion Jr/Sr High School Counseling Office!

     This office provides an array of support services to students, parents, and staff.  Counselors meet regularly with students to discuss academic needs and personal issues.  Feel free to contact the school counselors with any questions or concerns you may have.


    Mrs. Emily Johnson - School Counselor - grades 7-9

    Mrs. Karen Livingston - School Counselor - grades 10-12

    Mrs. Annette Holahan - School Psychologist - Grades 7-12


    Mrs. Donna Adriaansen - Counseling Office Assistant


    Counseling Office Phone - (315) 926-2400

    Fax # - (315) 926-2416







    CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Individual counseling is, by nature, a personal and private interaction between the counselor and student. Counselors work to establish trust and rapport, and must respect the student's privacy so that they are free to explore issues, feelings and behaviors. Counselors are, however, obligated by law and ethics to report behaviors that indicate a student's welfare may be in jeopardy. Counselors are forthcoming about these limitations.

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