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    Health Office


    School Nurse:  Trena Fisher, RN

    Health Office Direct Phone:  315-926-2406



    Attendance:  Sharon Randall

    Phone: 315-926-4228, 1, ext. 3022

    E-Mail: or


     School Physician:  Dr. Krishna Persaud


    Feel free to leave a voice mail message after hours

    Health office FAX:  315-926-2415







    It will take some getting used to but an enormous savings on not only postage, but time and paper.  We foresee it being much easier for families and coaches in the end.  Computers will be available at the High School if requested.

    More information on how to get started below. 

    Hard copies of physicals will still be needed in the Health Office for your child's folder.






    Per NYSDOH- PHYSICALS are REQUIRED for 7th, 9th and 11th graders!

    Make those appointments soon to beat the rush!!!

    Distance and near vision screening will be done for 7th and 11th graders

    Hearing screening will be done for 7th and 11th graders

    Scoliosis screenings will be done for 7th grade girls and 9th grade boys.

    ***  Please know I'll screen your children whenever you request! **


    Notes will be sent home for 7th, 9th and 11th graders, new students and students needing physicals for CSE reevaluations.  Your child's own physician is the most recommended but we understand that option is not always possible.  Let me know if I can help.


    For ATTENDANCE:  Please remember to call or e-mail first thing in the morning if your son/daughter will not be in school! I don't want to disturb you but we need to call if we haven't heard from you.  Thank you in advance!


    A CHANGE:  Having a physical in the school for sports participation is now a thing of the past.  It is important for children to see their primary physicians to maintain concise records and constant care. 

    **Remember to turn in those physicals to the Health Office! 

    ** Encourage your son/daughter to sign up for sports!  An active body improves one's health immensely!  

    Please download the OTC medication sheet for your doctors review and signature.  If your child need prescription medications at school (ie. ADD meds, inhalers, EPIPENS, benadryl, glucagon, insulin), please have your doctor sign the Prescription sheet that you can download at the bottom of this note. New sheets are needed EACH school year. 

    **Don't ever hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns about your child.  We all want them to be healthy and successful!  Parents are SO important to teenagers....  even though they might not admit or know it!

    **Does your child need immunizations?  Don't forget Wayne County Public Health's Immunization Clinic for Children.  Call 315-946-5749 for an appointment!


    School Screening:

    Effective starting the 2020-2021 School Year - school screenings are waived due to Covid-19 per NYSED:

    Hearing Screenings will be done for new students, 7th and 11th graders.

    Near Vision and Distance Acuity Screenings will be done for new students, 7th and 11th graders.

    Scoliosis Screenings will be done for 9th grade boys and girls in 7th grade.

    If the screening have been performed at a recent medical exam, it will not need to be duplicated unless  requested by the parent/guardian.


    Physical Exams

    State Education Law requires a physical examination for students in grades 7, 9 and 11, when a student enters a school district for the first time and when a student is participating in interscholastic sports.  A physical exam is also required when a student is referred to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) and when working papers are needed.

    It is the recommendation of the Bureau of Health Services of the New York State Education Department that the physical exam be conducted by the student's own physician whenever possible.  This is the physician most familiar with the student's medical history and therefore best able to manage treatment when needed. 

    If you need a copy of the school physical examination form to take to your doctor's office, it is available at the Health Office.  It is also available for download at the bottom of this page.


    Immunization Requirements for 2020-2021

    The following immunizations are required for entrance/attendance in New York State schools for grades 7-12:


    3 doses DTP/DTaP

    1 dose Tdap

    POLIO- 4 dose (3 does if the 3rd is given at or after 4years of age)

    2  MMR (measles/mumps/rubella)

    Hepatitis B-       3 doses or 2 doses of the adult hepatitis B vaccine

    VARICELLA-      2 dose

    MENINGITIS-Students entering grades 7-11:  MUST HAVE   1 DOSE

                    Students entering 12th grade:  MUST HAVE  2 doses (the 2nd at age 16 or above) 

                    OR 1 dose if the first dose was given at 16 or above


    Interscholastic Sports Participation

    In order for a student to participate in interscholastic sports, they MUST have a current physical on file in the Health Office.  This means that the physical was performed within one year of the first day of the month of the date of practice for that sport season.  For example, if the first day of practice is August 18, 2014, the physical that is on file in the health office was performed sometime after August 1, 2017.  Confusing.. so don't hesitate to contact me with questions!  Students that plan on being active in sports throughout their middle school/high school careers may find it helpful to plan an annual physical exam with their doctor around their birthday and have a copy sent to the Health Office.


    Starting for Spring Sports, go to:     for online registration.  

    Go to Programs- and click on the green REGISTER NOW button and scroll to the Log-in / Create Account green buttons.

    Create your secure Family ID Account!!  You'll put in your first/last name, email address and a password.  

    Seleca 'I Agree' to the Family ID Terms of Service, if you do.  Click CREATE ACCOUNT.

    You will then need to go to your email .  There will be a link to activate your account.  

    Activate your account and complete the information requested.  All fields with a red * will need to have an answer.

    Click the Continue button when your information is complete.  

    Review and then click the green submit button if you are ok with everything.

    The first time is the toughest.  After that, much of your information is kept in the system and it will save you loads of time!!


    For JV/V Contact/Limited Contact Sports, an IMPACT concussion baseline test is needed.  Basically, the test is a series of memory sequences in colors, numbers, words and shapes.  The test is good for 2 years or if injured with a concussion.  The baseline results would be sent to a specialist if requested- usually when a child is developing Post-Concussive Syndrome.  Please don't hesitate to contact me or the Athletic Director with any concerns or questions. 


    Medication in School

    In order for ANY medication to be administered in school, a written order from a physician (or other duly licensed prescriber such as a nurse practitioner) and written permission from the student's parent/guardian must be on file in the health office.  This includes over the counter preparations.  All medication is kept in a locked cabinet in the Health Office, and this is the only location that it is to be administered from.  The medication must be delivered directly to the Health Office by the parent or guardian in a properly labeled prescription bottle.  Over the counter preparations must be in the original manufacturer's container/package with the student's name affixed to the container.  The same applies to drug samples.

    Some medical conditions are of a nature that require a rapid response.  Asthma and severe allergies that result in anaphylactic reactions are examples of this.  If a student's physician feels that the student would be best served by carrying his/her medication with them, the written order should specifically state that the student should be allowed to carry his/her medication and self-administer it.   

    Written orders are valid for one year.  Forms are available in the Health Office.  They are also available to download at the bottom of this page.

    **PLEASE DO NOT give a medication to your child to keep in his/her locker or pocket, as innocent as it seems.  The principal will have to be involved and school suspension can be a result.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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