Student Services


    We are the Mental Health staff at Marion Elementary School.

    Our Roles

    We work collaboratively with parents, teachers, students, and staff to assist students and families in maximizing each child's potential and strengths, as well as overcoming challenges.

    Ms. Marissa Holloway - School Social Worker (Grades K-6)

    Mrs. Jennifer Rosa - School Psychologist, MS, CAS (Grades Preschool, K & 1)

    Mrs. Melissa Walker - School Psychologist, MS, CAS (Grades 2-6)

    What do School Social Workers and Psychologists do?

    We assist students

    • Through participation in individual and group counseling

    • Help to cope in times of crisis, such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness in the family, school anxiety, etc.  

    • Access school-based services and support programs

    • Improve school attendance 

    • Evaluate student's academic, social, and emotional needs

    • Plan appropriate programs and services in conjunction with the building Support Team

    • Improve social skills

    • Improve self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-control

    • Assist students with making a positive adjustment to school

    We assist parents

    • Participate in their child's educational planning

    • Access community services

    • Understand services for students with disabilities, such as the Committee on Special Education and the 504 accommodation committee.  

    • Strengthen parenting skills

    • During times of crisis or loss

    • Understand and meet their child's social, emotional, and developmental needs

    We assist teachers

    • Understanding familial, cultural, economic, developmental, learning, and health factors that impact school success

    • Communicating with their students and fostering a sense of safety in times of crisis.  



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