The Marion Central School District is committed to providing an athletic program with value to all students.  The program focuses on educational development, self-esteem, and individual skills as well as promoting an atmosphere of teamwork, communication, citizenship, and sportsmanship.  In addition, the program emphasizes discipline, leadership, respect, loyalty, and cooperation.

    The district offers and develops a wide variety of programs based on students; interests, wants and needs, and the growth of the district.  We believe that athletics are an integral, voluntary component of the overall educational development of the "whole" student, in that it builds overall school spirit and friendships, and that it leads to a lifelong interest in physical fitness.

    The district provides qualified coaches who are positive role models and enthusiastic in working with Marion Central School student-athletes.  We strive to create a healthy and safe environment for meeting these ends.



    Fall 2020 Letter to Parents