Physical Education Grading Procedures

    100% of students grade will come from being an active participant in physical education class.


    A student’s grade is evaluated daily using a rubric.  Below are some examples of how a student may be graded.


    Maximum points for a class is 4 and the minimum is 0.


    4 – Student demonstrates leadership, outstanding enthusiasm and skills.  Student works to best of ability, is on time, prepared and demonstrates sportsmanship.


    3 – Student works to best of ability, is on time, is prepared and demonstrates sportsmanship.  Does not do one part of class (i.e. Warm up run – walked it but did everything else in class = a score of 3 for the day) Not changing into PE clothes but participating at a top level is also a score of 3.


    2 – Student is prepared, does not come to class on time, does not do warm up or does not participate in one half or part of the class.  Poor behavior in locker room or during class could result in a score of 2.   

    1 – Student is prepared, does not demonstrate good sportsmanship, refuses to participate in one or more of the planned activities, is late in addition to one or more of the above.  Poor behavior can also result in a 1.

    0 – Student is unprepared/prepared and not participating, removed from the class for behavior or is truant.  An absence also counts as a 0 until the class is made up.

    Making up missed classes:


    Students have the opportunity to make up any missed classes due to absence.  It is the responsibility of the student to make an appointment for a 30 minute Phys. Ed. make-up class with his or her teacher.  Make-up classes are offered during 9th period or study halls only.   Failure to do so will negatively impact student’s grade and may result in the student receiving a failing grade for the class.


    Excused Absences:

    -         Music Lessons

    -         School Field Trips

    -         College Visits

    -         State Testing

    -         Medical note from a Doctor or School Nurse


    Long Term Medical Excuses (casts, sprains, stitches, illness, etc.)

     Only a doctor can place a student on an extended medical release from Physical Education.  In the event that this occurs students will be able to:


    1.     Make up time missed by completing physical education learning packets.

    2.     Projects that are agreed upon between the teacher and student. (Outside activities, special projects, etc.)

    3.     Students can make up time when they return to unrestricted participation by making up classes missed.


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